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How-To Show Up and Be a Transformative Power

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HER Toolbox self-paced course includes:
*One Downloadable HER Toolbox workbook
*A Preworksheet for immediate transformation work
*42 Videos
*Easy-to-Use, self-paced navigation
*Five Practice tasks to reinforce your process

Did you know a WOMAN's Love can heal and awaken others and herself?

A Woman's Love is so Powerful, it can transform her home, her workplace and her community.
YESSSS, Women are just that Powerful!!

But it's not always easy for Women to Show Up in this Power.
Life is not designed to Stop πŸ›‘ for Women to take a break from being a Professional, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Partner, Mother or Caregiver.
Regardless, it's up to Women to learn how to fully bloom and Show Up, despite the many roles we play. That's exactly why HERToolbox Program is designed to guide your journey in that Power.

πŸ‘‹πŸΎ I’m Elitia and I’m {CALLING ALL WOMEN WHO ARE READY TO SHOW UP & BE TRANSFORMATIONAL} to Register for HER Toolbox Series.
I’ve spent the last 10 years co-creating Tools that help Women and Men navigate Relationship Challenges In their personal and professional life. Listen, we were our first clients.
Personally, I’ve done some hard work to Show Up as Me after losing myself to physical, familial, emotional and financial abuse, losing myself to family pressures and religious traditions, losing myself under the weight of motherhood guilt and unrealistic demands, to the ebbs and flows of professional transitions and losing myself in unhealthy partnerships.
But I knew I had to do something different because I wasn't living a full life...I was just existing and working. I had become a part of the walking dead with only brief glimpses of hope and a lived life.

Now, I can proudly proclaim that the work to Show Up as Me was the most liberating process, I've ever done. I did the work to Show Up as Me to restart my life in a healthier way and on my terms.

I've already done the hard part of that work to co-develop practical tools, so you don’t have to.
Wait πŸ›‘ I'm not saying your work will be easy or automatic, but your work doesn't have to be hard either because now you'll have tools and realistic definitions to help you navigate challenges.

Cullen and I co-created When Love Works as a platform that's filled with the practical tools, activities and updated definitions we wished we had when we were finding our way through unhealthy personal and professional relationships.
In the WhenLoveWorks model, you'll understand how to simplify your life because we've already fleshed out much of the work. We provide several Toolbox series, individual, partner and professional development coaching, and relationship-building experiences.

HER Toolbox is one of our foundational series.

So are you ready to transform how you Show Up and Lead in your personal and professional relationships, in just 4sessions?


Then Commit πŸ’― to ENJOY a full LIFE in every area.

Complete HERToolbox self-paced Workshops + Practices + Prework + Workbook to build up your LOVE LEADERship and watch how YOU transform relationships at HOME, at Work and in the Community.

For each session, bring transparency and vulnerability with current relationship challenges and walk away with the practical tools to transform the outcome. These sessions are highly interactive, so set your intention for the work ahead to get accelerated growth in your LOVE LEADERSHIP.

Your completed registration in HER Toolbox self-paced course includes:
*One Downloadable HER Toolbox workbook
*A Preworksheet for immediate transformation work
*42 Videos
*Easy-to-Use, self-paced navigation
*Five Practice tasks to reinforce your process

During HERTOOLBOX self-paced course, You will:
1) Be You-Practice your Authentic Presence: Peel away "the layers" to remain open and engage authentically. Practice Tongue Transformations
2) Be Accountable-Respond to obstacles to a healthy connection: Allow relationships to build and grow organically. Practice Accountability during challenges.
3) Be Foundational-Make Foundational Updates: Update your relationship profile. "Don't suffer for free." Assessment is critical.
4) Be Home- for your Partner, for your Community. Be a haven of Safe, Free-flowing Love and Communication. Use your POWER Tools to create a POWER that impacts the world.

Being a Leader isn't an automatic process and Love Leadership is not a standard course in elementary school school. So what can Women like you do, to walk in your Power and Leadership?
You can put your toolbox to work.
HER Toolbox Workshops will guide you through relationship obstacles using customized tools found in the corresponding WLW's HerToolbox workbook.

Remember this series was designed with you in mind. Get started today to complete this course if you're A WOMAN who is...
--SINGLE (be open, push through fear, recognize sabotage, see potential partners and return the energy)
--IN A SITUATIONSHIP (master accountability, update your profile, offset comparisons)
--MARRIED/ENGAGED (master forgiveness, create a space, allow free-flowing communication, be a POWER partner)
---WORKING (demonstrate optimal performance, master accountability, walk in your inherent POWER to create a healthy work environment)

*All WOMEN are welcome*

πŸ›‘ If this Self-Paced mode does not work for you, sign up for a LIVE series with WLW Coach, Elitia at: http://bit.ly/wlwherworkshop

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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

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